Beer & Cocktail Festivals

BEVEX specializes in BIG SCALE events(30,000+ people) focused on beverage. We have successfully created Beernanza Beer Festival, previously known as Shanghai International Beer Festival (since Oct. 2012) and Mixnanza Cocktail Festival.


You don’t need to call six different companies to handle all the separate aspects of your next event. When you call Bevex you get all of those companies in one. We provide a wide array of highly trained event personnel, entertainers, services and supplies to ensure your event is not only the best it can be, but also the most professional possible. We recognize no two events are the same and we strive to customize our services to your individual needs.


Beernanza Beer Festival

With 150+ different brands of beers from over 30 countries for each edition, Beernanza is the biggest premium and craft beer festival in China. It is also the biggest platform to promote specialty and craft beers.It is hosted in a 20,000m2 space within Okura Garden Hotel. It is a marquee location right in the city center at Shanghai’s biggest private greenland.

Mixnanza Cocktail Festival

The objective of Mixnanza is to connect spirits brands with cocktail lovers. Mixnanza features more than 100 different types of cocktails in a tropical landscape. It is the first time in Shanghai that a cocktail festival leaves the comfort of its lounge to land in the greenery of park with some of the best bartenders shaking and stirring at the event.

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